Bathhouse Log Cabin Kits

Even the most rustic of Boy Scout camp properties can benefit from a log cabin bathhouse. Whether your scouts pitch a tent, sleep under the stars or lodge in a bunkhouse, they will be thankful for a bathhouse where they can shower and refresh after an active day.  Your groups of scouts will really appreciate how low maintenance and easy to clean Conestoga bathhouses are after they return from wilderness survival, a mud run, or rifle shoot.  Attractive log cabin bathhouses will also encourage family camping at your site.

Conestoga offers a variety of models from the Grand Berkshire Bathhouse which features 18 shower stalls, six toilet stalls and six sinks to the much smaller Durango Bathhouse offering two separate full bathrooms.  Others like the Twin Grove Bathhouse sport seven private bathrooms and a laundry facility.  ADA compliant models are available so everyone can share the camping experience.

As with all Conestoga Log Cabin Kits, our bathhouses are completely customizable to suit your campground’s needs.  Contact us today to start working with a Conestoga representative on improving your camp property with a bathhouse.

Alpine Bathhouse Log Cabin Kit

14′-7″ x 27′ (393 SQF)

Featuring two separate rooms, each with ample private space for two toilets, two shower stalls and two washbasins, this model offers a covered porch as well as optional ADA accommodations and laundry space.

Durango Bathhouse Log cabin Kit

14′ x 16′-7″ (232 SQF)

Two separate rooms, each with plenty of space for a toilet, shower, washbasin and storage.

Grand Berkshire Bathhouse log Cabin kit

36′ x 36′ (1,296 SQF)

The Grand Berkshire bathhouse kit features ample amounts of space for campers. This floorplan includes 18 showers, 6 toilets, 6 sinks and a separate utility room. This bathhouse kit is sure to meet all your needs with an impressive 1,296 square feet of space to accommodate your guests.

Mountain King Bathhouse Log Cabin Kit

20′ x 36′ (720 SQF)

With its multi-purpose functionality, the spacious Mountain King Bath House offers versatility galore. This bath house offers identical layouts each with room for three toilet stalls, three wash basins and two shower stalls. Also has a separate ADA restroom and a laundry space for three washers and three dryers. Flanked on each end by a three foot covered porch.

Twin Grove Bathhouse log Cabin Kit

20′ x 42′ (840 SQF)

The Twin Grove Bath House is the ultimate in bath house design. Twin Grove keeps every facility completely private and self-contained. Features six identical rooms with space for toilet, washbasin and shower. Includes a separate ADA bathroom and a laundry room. Set off with 6′ x 42′ covered porch roof on both sides of the building, it’s the ultimate log bath house.